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What Our Patients Say…

“I Hadn’t Seen a dentist in 40 years. Taylored Dental Care Have Changed My Life”


“You Are A Miracle Worker” Says Braces Patient Lauren


Enhancing Fay’s Smile With Composite Bonding


No More Fear Of The Dentist For Rob Now He’s Found Taylored


Tears Of Joy Seeing Your New Straight Smile For The First Time


“Every Step Of The Way Caring, Courteous, Just A Lovely Experience”


“Shaking Quivering Wreck To Going For Fillings Without A Tear”

patient reviewI’ve read the reviews about Taylored Dental Care for all the practices, both good and bad and wanted to share my experience for those debating.I have had a dental phobia since being a child. I remember the days being dragged kicking and screaming up the stairs and pinned to the chair to have the gas mask. It still haunts me now.

For the past 15 years I’ve only visited a dentist in extreme pain and that was shaking and crying hysterically. Then one day it happened again. I thought about going to NHS emergency, paying £22 to get sorted but having to wait days, probably travelling and not knowing if the dentist would empathise or just get me in and out.

Googling ‘dental phobia’ I came across Taylored Dental. I rang up and the receptionist informed me they could see me within the hour. Half an hour that lovely person spent listening to me crying on the phone I was that scared.

Next, I went to my appointment crying, shaking, clinging to my coat in the corner. The care and compassion that dentist showed me was nothing like I’ve had before. Waiting until I had calmed to have a look, taking everything slow and explaining everything. Reassuring me at every point.

When I left I was calm and couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt! I booked a new patient consultation straight away. My teeth were a mess and for my health I had to have it sorted. A treatment plan was created but I wanted to know exactly what would be done and build my confidence a little so I had plenty of contact with the staff first to really get it clear in my head.

Added to that a payment plan was set up as they do that option too which is perfect for me as I don’t have a high paid job or anything or a lot of money spare each month with 3 children (2 teens).

In summary, I have gone from that shaking quivering wreck to going for fillings without a tear.

Am I still nervous? Absolutely. Still panic. So much so I’m having some treatment done under sedation. But they even tried talking me out of it saying I could do it without so it isn’t all about money.

But the panic is slowly reducing thanks to them.

Is it more than NHS private dentists? Yes. Is it worth it? Well so far I’ve found absolutely it is.

FOR NERVOUS PATIENTS who really want to smile. There is no rush, they listen to you, they calm you, reassure you. And you pay it off monthly. As in everything, you pay for the care and the service.

And the receptionist even sat and played with my son while I got checked so he didn’t have to see my nerves. And he absolutely loved it!I cannot wait to see my end result in a matter of weeks. And I will be writing another review once it is all complete. I am all about honesty so what I say is my truth, good or bad!

From my appointments so far I feel that this dentist has a patient for life in me, because for me it is about the care and compassion and excellent dentistry too of course.

They tick every box. I really would recommend this place for anyone who’s nervous and terrified like I am! I cannot recommend highly enough!


Straight Teeth After Just 5 Months Of Wearing Braces


Miriam Can’t Believe They Are Her Teeth After Braces Treatment


“It Doesn’t Seem Any Different From My Normal Teeth” Says Implant Patient


“Fantastic Work, I Love It All. I Will Never Be Afraid Again”


Rebecca Lamb for sharing the 1st stage of her Straight Teeth Journey


“Nicki Is Amazed With Her Smile Transformation”


“No More Pain From Teeth Clenching For Andrew”


“I was told 9 months but it only took 4”


“Taylored Reviews Are Fantastic And Now I Know Why”


Its Amazing To See A Full Set Of Teeth


“The Team Are So Welcoming” Says Nervous Patient Julie


Nancy Couldn’t Smile Or Laugh Before Her New Crown Was Fitted


“Now I Have A Fantastic Smile!”


“Seeing Your “Amazing” New Smile For The First Time”


“Julie’s New Dentures Are Much Better And More Comfortable Than Before”


“Helen Had Forgotten What It Was Like To See A Mouth Full Of Teeth”


“Phobic Patient Paul Can Now Smile For The Camera”


“Seeing Your Straight New Smile For The First Time”

“Straight Teeth In Just 6 Months at Taylored Dental Care”


“I Hadn’t Been To The Dentist For 50 Years”


Margaret Seeing Her New Smile For The First Time


“I Have No Gaps In My Teeth Now”


“Finally I Was Able To Smile At My Wedding Photos”


“The Results Are Above And Beyond What I Expected”


“I Did My Research To Find Out Which Was The Best Dentist”


“Don’t Feel That It’s Too Late Because The Proof Is Here”


“The Treatment Has Taken Just 6 weeks!”


“Seeing Your Straight, New Smile For The First Time”


Bob’s Smile Is 1000% Better After Going To Taylored Dental


“Rugby Star Jamie Peacock Sees His Smile Following Dental Implant Treatment”


“Rugby Star Jamie Peacock Talks To Carl About His Dental Implant Treatment”


“I’m amazed by how my teeth look”

“I Would Definitely Recommend Straight Teeth Treatment” Says Brogan


“Absolutely Fantastic, 1st Class Treatment” Says Dental Implants Patient Mrs Taylor


“The Pain Was Non Existent! Even After Root Canal”


“I would Highly Recommend” Says Samina


“I felt safe and respected”

On 19th April I had an appointment to have a tooth out with Yuen? ( not sure of the spelling) and I would like to say thank you for the way I was treated.

I felt safe and respected and the language used helped to create a peaceful energy.

There are now two dentists in the practice that I feel safe with and listened too, thank you.

Rita Greer 

“I Am Well Pleased!” Says Shirley

“I can honestly say I had no pain”

I used to be very afraid of the dentist almost to the point of it being a phobia. However a couple of years ago I underwent treatment to straighten my teeth which meant I regularly saw Dr Taylor. After 12 months my teeth were straight and I am delighted with the results.

Recently I had a wisdom tooth problem and Dr Taylor referred me to a local hospital to have it removed and arranged for a CT scan. The specialist there commented on what good service I had received from my dentist by ensuring I had a scan and by not trying to remove the tooth himself.

More recently I have had root canal treatment and can honestly say I had no pain during the procedure. I was very calm during the procedure because I have total confidence in Dr Taylor’s ability. I would recommend Dr Taylor and his practice to anyone.

All the staff at the practice are always very helpful and considerate, Yvonne the receptionist always does her best to find me an appointment and calls me back when needed, and she makes the appointment process so easy – I know of many doctors surgeries receptionists who could do with some training from Yvonne!! She always seems genuinely interested in whatever your problem is.

Mrs L B 

“Very Pleased With My Smile After Fast Braces” Says Joanne


"Yes I feel Much More Confident"

"Good Value For Money"

"Carl Has Cured My Dental Phobia"

"More Comfortable When i Smile"


"Pleased With Speed Of The Results" Says Naomi

"Want To Change Your Smile, Speak To Carl" Says Jannat

"Within 10 to 16 Weeks My Teeth Were Straight" Says Nadia

"Very Friendly, Would Highly Recommend Them" Says Helen

"Thank You. My Dental Implants Feel Like Real Teeth" Says Alex

"It's Great! I'm Really Happy With My Teeth Now" Says Laura


“I don’t need to skip work”

I can have later appointments so I don’t need to skip work. I rarely have to wait, usually seen to within minutes of arriving.

Mr G D

“The hygienists were great”

I have to say that my last experience at the practice (a couple of weeks ago) was a very positive one.

The hygienists were great and I felt that I had a very ‘thorough’ job done.   

K Wormald

“really understanding and helpful”

I feel the staff were really understanding and helpful, they were able to assist me with my dental problem and helped to relieve my pain.

Mrs A M

“professional yet very caring”

Cleanliness; professional yet very caring and willing to spend time to discuss treatments which is very much appreciated.

Mrs M F

“I am no longer nervous about visiting the dentist”

The friendly staff, I have never liked going to the dentist so it is nice to have people who understand that and treat you accordingly.

It is a very friendly place to visit. I am no longer nervous about visiting the dentist like I used to be in the old days! I am made to feel at ease and procedures are explained thoroughly.

Mrs S S

“I always feel at ease”

The friendly reception I receive on arrival my dentist explains the work he is carrying out and any recommendations I may need. The practice is always spotless clean and I always feel at ease there.

Miss J D

“I felt immediately at ease”

Very pleased with my visit to Taylored Dental Care!

Friendly and professional staff. I felt immediately at ease in the capable hands of the dentist who took time and care to give me clear advice on my dental problems.

I will certainly go back!

Google Review

“delighted with the work so far”

I hadn’t been to the dentist in ages but I finally plucked up the courage to go. As it turns out I didn’t need to worry at all. They are a really friendly team and made me feel relaxed and welcome.

Carl Taylor explained all my options to me in an understandable way, and I felt really confident in him advising me on what I needed. I really trust him with my care and have been delighted with the work so far.

Thanks Taylored Dental Care!

Google Review

“I feel very confident that I am in very good hands”

In a remarkably short time the new owner has transformed the whole of the practice. The atmosphere is good and the staff friendly and attentive.

It is good to consulted about the necessary treatment and to have the alternatives explained. I particularly liked the fact that there were no surprises. I feel very confident that I am in very good hands!

Google Review 

“Completely Pain Free”

What Our Patients Say


“Thank You For Taking The Pain Away”

What Our Patients Say

 Testimonials are taken from the entire Taylored Dental Group

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